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Reverb And The Verse
Members of Reverb And The Verse From left: Providence "The Verse", D-Trust, Shane Etter (on drums), and David Blalock
Background information
Origin Denver, Colorado, U.S.

Avant Rap

Occupation(s) Musicians
Years active 1999 - present
Website www.reverbandtheverse.com

Providence "The Verse"
Shane Etter
David Blalock

The Wildness & Dangerousness of 2020

The world is very different now. How we interact with one another may be changed forever. Are we ready? Do we have a choice? What about the music? Imagining a world without the live show...blasphemy. Yet, we'll do whatever to keep us safe, though the lyrics may inspire being unsafe. However we need to share, because we still build it, we'll figure out how to get it to you.

released 2020

More sound is coming. Worldwide events play a role. And why not? If a song has no message, no meaning, it is best left unwritten, unsung, never to be performed. Its 180? Well, that ought to be shared. While our thoughts are aimed high above the clouds, out into the cosmos, our lives are planted firmly on the third planet from the sun. We are not over, nor under. We are a part. Not apart. And we shall do our part.


released 2018

Strip it down, go back to the original formula and at the same time never go back. Moving forward is the discipline, the passion, and the curse. The best therapy against the drag is to compose, to write, and to record. If the music sounds the same as it did day one, you are doing it wrong. You are not allowing the life that happened to you to find its way into your music. You are stagnant. Standing still is just as bad as going backwards. If the music does not sound the same as it did day one, you aren't doing it right. You have forgotten or deliberately left behind what started you down the path and provided you successes (and maybe failures). It is a delicate balance to remain true to what you feel is right about your music and to not be anchored by what you feel is right about your music. Whether you have "made it" or not, you do not stop, you cannot stop making music. Shane and Providence, in a matter of months after the release of V//, write, record, and release RE:VOLTAGE an 8 song EP. It felt like day one while the music felt like we just might catch up to it in the future.

Gains and Losses in 2018

The "business" of music goes far beyond the making of music and the performing of music. The "game" itself can take a toll, whether you are succeeding, failing, or just taking steps (forward, backward, or sideways). Very few music groups last long as groups. Reverb And The Verse bids farewell to Tisha (Luna) Paradis.


released 2017

Reverb And The Verse relentlessly and unapologetically makes music that just will not fit nicely into a box. Is it a conscious decision or simply a manifestation of a career of coloring outside the lines? The foundation is two-fold: Providence "The Verse" and Shane Etter. Simplistically they are the words and the sounds. Scraping the skies with the stories of Tisha Paradis, David Blalock, and D-Trust and you begin to notice that heights are being reached. The final structure? Music. A blend of hip-hop/rap, electronic, dance, and pop wrapped up in stories of pain, love, and triumph. You will feel it long after you hear it. Releasing their seventh album V// you are witness to continuous growth. The base is the same...words and sounds. The leaves, oh the leaves...bigger than ever, extending out further and further, seeking new light, creating more sustenance. Listen and survive.

Beyond the Winter of 2016

NO THE RULES! If ever a slogan could encompass Reverb And The Verse, this one does it. A self-proclaimed "5-person duo" #RATV has been toeing the line between rebellion & revenge and restraint & refinement since BI-T (Before I-Tunes). Call it Avant-Rap, powered by Providence "The Verse" (MC/Lyricist) and Shane Etter (Producer, Vocalist, Drums), as elements of hip-hop/rap, electronic, dance, and synth are blended together to make "pull your emotions out" music that will cause you to move - and to think while you're doing it. Rounding out the crew is Tisha Luna - whose haunting vocals ensnare immediately, David Blalock - rock star singer/drummer, and D-Trust - who never hits a sour note and drips cool. Fresh off of the January 2014 release of the double-album "Revenge I+II" - a massive 25-song discourse, capturing themes of love & hate and all in between - #RATV finds themselves content with discontent. So back to the studio they go, to craft more and more genre-busting music...insatiable. At the same time, bringing diversity of thought, attitude, and style to the stage. This is a group that thrives under the hot lights, offering new material consistently, buoyed by an impressive back catalog of hits, and driven to keep the show alive. Listen and feel...

Th(is) history


The Summer of 2015

Maybe you, in the creative mode - in "flow" - make too many songs for just an EP release. Where oh where do these songs come from? Pain, anger, hope, love? Yes. Do your own take on a few well known hits. Dirty them up. Funk 'em up. Don't add, don't subtract, just reinvent...just tribute. Play right outside your own door while building up a community that's building. Grow the b(r)and. Invite and incite the masses. Reveal your dangerousness. Do the math. Risk | just under half.

2014 Westword Music Showcase and the UMS (Underground Music Showcase)

How do you define 'recognition'? When are you considered 'legit' by those outside of the immediate circle? Get nominated for a 'best of' in Denver. Get selected to play two of the preeminent music events in the region. Open up for AceOutrageous and play yet another new venue. In less than 6 months after releasing a double-album, get to work on an EP. Add more and more content outside of the music to enhance the music. Never tire. Never satiate the hunger.


released 2014

Push the envelope, over and over and over. Repeat it again and then again. Break away from the society & color outside the lines, in a beautiful design. Start a blog and make more videos. Content, not content. Amateur hour was long over. Take it out on everyone...

What is the follow up? Why is the follow up? How is the follow up? When you make music because you can and because you dig it, you must continue. & beholden to no one, answering to no one's style, residing in no one's box - DIY becomes DWYF (do what you feel). The more you do, the more others know, (if you're willing to shine a light on yourself). Those others know others. Welcome D-Trust. Welcome back Tisha Luna and David Blalock. Share a stage with The Knux. Share a stage with k.flay.

D. E. P. T. H. C. H. A. R. G. E. S.

released 2010

Instead of playing normal shows in regular venues, why not try playing clubs that are not the typical run of the mill live venues? Places like Shag Lounge, Below Bar, benefits, universities, and random house parties. Assume it works. Play to packed houses every time.

"It's not always just the music, but the passion that comes across." Rules need to be broken: what is music? what is hiphop? what is R&TV? Can you build a song around a talented and traditionally trained rock singer? If you hear FURIOUS with David Blalock you might think so. What about more casual "pop" songs. Can they exist in the R+TV world? Powerhouses are added to the soiree in the form of Tisha Luna, (WALK, EVEN DEEPER) and Miss So & So (MUSIC IS A BLACK HOLE, EXTRO). Leave nothing to chance.


released 2008

Whatever a hiatus is, take it. Do other projects. Whine, complain, hold grudges while pushing for the same things. Play show after show. Dive in with high expectations. Crawl out with beaten ambition. Let life happen and make life happen. Split apart only to be held together by the thinnest of strings, proportionately stronger than a spider's web. Reform and do more DIY. Does one place opportunity above all else? Or is it better to wait and strike while the iron is hot? This is the question, indeed. Continue to develop throughout changes in life, liberties, and the pursuits of happiness. This struggle brings changes in working methods and methods of working. Shane creates music. Sends vocally empty or near empty tracks to The Verse. The Verse creates lyrics. Come together & record. Keep everything, especially the good ones. Collaborate with talent. Analog Suspect, Amanda Ray.


released 2003

Begin to hone in on a 'style'. Hover around it and flee from it. Network. Follow others. Be genuine. Play a show at the Gothic Theater and wait for "music salvation" to wash over you like a gentle and yet powerful waterfall (but don't go chasing them). Next, they begin conquering the live show. Then Shane was on drums with The Verse on vocals. To spice up the live show, guest vocalists were given a chance to contribute to tracks. A new idea takes form...

Retake The Art

released 2001

Reverb And The Verse formed in 1999 while those two individuals worked together. Almost by accident it was discovered that each had a talent that the other needed/wanted to complete a mission: make music. & why not intelligent electronic hiphop? After some brief exchanges, demo's were laid down. These opening sessions became the first tracks off the record "retake the art".

Reverb and The Verse is born 1999