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dial it back
back to the start
back to the past
back to the first heart beat, relax
this’ll just take a minute, or two
(or forever)
dial it up
up to the top
up to the limit (yea) don’t stop
let it rise as we fall
let it fly while we crawl
we one for all
oh how cliche
we learn the rules just to disobey ‘em
we hate ‘em
gather them all up, the losers, parade ‘em
but don’t forget that they’re us, we made ‘em
no regrets, we discussed this
rile them up to a frenzy
pile ‘em up, all friends, all enemies

I never breathe or disconnect
thousands of friends i never met
I only ask you follow blindly
your likes have made me filthy rich
my only fear is the off switch
I only ask you follow blindly
follow blindly

watch now, watch closely
if i deliver, am i really boasting?
come on, i thought you knew better
you’re at the mercy of some real go-getters
believe just what you want
but does it matter if it’s all just a front?
like, here’s facts, here’s fiction
who’d it really hurt if they started mixing?
you got us all hooked
we might break free
if we looked behind the curtain
we won’t, we like that novocaine
dripping in our veins
while we remain conscious
and don’t feel nothing
the gaps might close up
if we started fussin’
(get down)
it might seem overwhelming
but i guarantee they’ll hear us
if we all started yellin’

look mommy i’m an attention whore
nuthin is what im popular for
login and look and see what i ate
millions of hits to tell me i’m great
let's talk about me
my feed is way live
American dream pushed to overdrive
made a deal for my soul
to die when i'm young
my profile will block out the sun

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filled up my eyes
with all the things no man should see
filled up my ears
with all the claims that could not be
they wanna talk you down
but always meant to talk you up there
they wanna drag you through it
pick away and strip you bare
second guess and call you out
and dismantle as you build it
they want the credit
in the footnotes of your wisdom
but they forgot to thank you
for the ground they walk on
and they're demanding payment
for the pound of flesh they feast on

we ain't got time to list our resume here
there is no time to explain
the fire you now fear
we ain't got time to list our resume here
there is no time to explain
the fire you now fear

biggest, widest, lying mouth of all time

oh, mister master, stop
mine eyes could tell some stories
thought that you should hear 'em, listen in
'cause in 'em you’re the villain
but I don’t wanna spoil the plot
"you’re gonna get yours"

little hijos locked
behind and inside chain links
you have got to be fucking with me
but we ain't fucking with you
steady infiltrating your block

I'll sway and rock
while you swing mightily and wildly
as i sting your openings, like lightning
leave you falling over in shock

oh damn you got the biggest mouth
through thin lips lies come dribbling out
like every moment
you got your whole team on bent knees
while my squad is taking the house
"you’re gonna get yours"


brothers and sisters
we need the truth
we need to know that they can learn
years they have passed
and bridges been burned
now they wonder why we're so mad

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maiden voyage
let’s break bottles, cause damage
hostile approach
mastering the art of cutthroat,
martial, military action
I catch notes that you send home
lines about some new syndrome
real bad discovery
i put it all down in ink,
writing my summary in code
they can’t understand my letters
now peace to those who don’t know
i can spread compassion
like a fire that grows uncontainable
obliterates my presence
my essence leaves untraceable steps

with you I’m bound to lose my mind

final voyage
melancholy swan song, joyous
mission accomplished
laid out everything we did before doing it
and got it done
oh, how much fun
we experienced such life
to make them green eyes real furious
slicing the'y noses right off
just to spite the'y face
i throw it high and tight
'cause they crowdin' the plate
and we win

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pull your shoulders back, stand straight up
we go'n have to, we go'n have to pack it up
give me the keys to the cars, I'll drive
clear off the streets so my team can ride
I'll lay out some numbers like deep six-em
2 4 0, 4 1 5, 6 0 4
straight to the core let’s take 'em
gaping mouths let’s tape em
shut up, crying about no shortcuts
give us your hands and we‘ll make em rough
give us your heart and we’ll make you tough
give us your love and we’ll let you go
when you’ve had enough, now let’s roll

what if we forgot to go insane
what if we began to lose control
what if it’s another tainted love
what if we destroy the antidote

we got some good
we got some bad rationed out
with too much of the one
and not enough of the other
we don’t know which
both are causing this glitch
so i stay deep undercover trying to get rich
trying not to get clipped, steppin' thru it

what if we just piss it all away
what is yet another loss of life
what if we forget to take a chance
what if we just start another fire

i'm trying to work up a fix
i'm dumb enough to wish
i'm bold enough to persist
and i get blued about it
they goin’ get red around it
so goddamned upset about it
can't imagine you taking a step in my shoes
you won't try, 'cause you can't fathom it

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05 FAT

behave yourself
i see worry in your eyes
i’ve dealt with your kind throughout time
and everything came back scarlet
no wait
everything’s coming up roses
they bombed that
and now they got what we chose
‘cause i knows no rules that keep me from doing what i do
why do you try me?
i’m so goddamn dapper, secretly grimy
left all of my laughter behind me, stoic
tougher than kal el
heroic like james howlett
but i don’t suck at this (shhhh)
i’m a punk, i’m a thug (to them)
a grown man suspected of drug possession
with intent to distribute
like we’re all about soup
i leave that to execs on the street
in c-suites and nice tailored suits
that are all about excess
they’ve lost that lovin’ feelin
give a fuck about us

cannot see the mountains for the hills
making love to all these dollar bills

i’m a’ bring it all out for this one
put it down on the table
while my people grab the guns
and unload the clips
by taking out the ammunition shell by shell
so we can start to get well
I answered the call
to lead us all back from the cliff
we’re at the edge and we about to fall over
I carried the ropes on my shoulders
now who needs a lift?
go ahead and get your grip on
tell 'em the truth, you dig it
that me and my squadron got some brawn
to keep you suspended
we ain’t letting no one slip
you wanna get over?
we gonna get you over

we wake up on fire
we burn out by night
when the fat burns
(may) it burn bright
hope it lights up
on this night

all bank accounts are empty
the Chamber of Guf is empty

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when do i acknowledge it?
even the symbolic, the real
the impending ending
the grayness, the blackness
the whiteness, the sadness
al final, the last in the saga
the ten count
the omega, the fade out
i got so good at keeping my head down
that those who’d raise me up
could never come around
like a clipped kite string, drifting
i’d like to see the change coming
renovating hearts
make peace like we starting over
wonder if my time is running short
will today be my last anniversary next year?
lord knows
i don’t want to be alone in the nothingness
but my hang-ups have me firmly in control
like this is who you are
this is who you’ll be
so I take this dull pain plainly

does the sun rise up?
may the sun rise up for you
cuz the sun don’t care
if its light spills over you

I’ll bring tears
of joy

it’s no secret that love will conquer us all
continue down this path of hate
we all shall fall
I just want to share a cup with you
and not live in fear
and maybe share a smile
not knowing where we tread
without a care let me words ring clear

what's done in the dark shows in the light

created at night
collided in two
a million to one
divided by you

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let me split dynamic
into dimes and the media
act so deviant
sweat so tedious
i hate being wet with all my clothes on
bet i’d leave the road back lonely
you cannot endorse me
you cannot coerce me
i got my own set of flavor notes
you will never force me to play a role
yes my people might revolt, rebel
let me lift a classic up of drive and intrigue
my simple mission ain’t complete
without a groundswell
i saw some clothes upon the street
it confused me
like each play ends up the same way

somebody gotta get somebody
somebody gotta show someone
somebody gotta get somewhere
gotta get somewhere
just to tell somebody

I've been livin on the wrong side
of a crossroads
I’m comin for your soul
full throttle
I’m drivin blind
if you escape you find
I’m not the kind to try
so this looks like it’s the end
cuz you in pain
don’t make it a sin
chalk it up as a loss
give a shake and toss the dice back in again
back in again

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08 FIRE (ft. Soul Daddy)

I spit the fire
spit the fire you now breathe
I built the fire
brought the fire from underneath

I wrapped it up within my hands
twisted metal, hot
burned brands into my skin
like i’m his now
human condition
i would envision a rough fight
you wouldn’t soften my appetite
little morsels crushed
between my finger and thumb
all physical manifestations get flushed
leave us with nothing
everything burns, ‘cause nobody learns
‘cause none of us ever learn

my damn obsession
is learning substantial lessons
while standing beneath the blessed
and burning some call to heaven
y’all called it
I’m currently turning around oppression
by turning the currents
of any river that I can step in
or float in
I’ve better with death and deaf acceptance
all the radiance from reflecting
internal questions
I ride a hurricane carrying flame
with various apparel
bearing my heavenly name

and i’m everything and nothing
but you showed me something
by spittin’ on my dreams
sugary sweet
i’m saggin like a heavy load
watch me light it up
4 51
feel me explode
you got a gun, we got a sun
burn your books
ignite the oxygen in your lungs
no more tears, evaporate ‘em like your years
and i’m right here
no shadows, no shade
overexpose you, then everything fades

I feel the fire burning
it’s taken over me
I’m like the phoenix from the flame
you’ll never see me coming
I’ll bring you to your knees
I will not beat you at your game

I’m fire breathing and rising
no rhyme or reason
and climbing a freezing mountain
with fountains of flame excreting
like taming demons
with sayings that keep repeating
in anger and devil heathen
with prayers that’s full of feeling
y’all feel me?
my fiery tongues a raging phoenix
entirely flaming remix
a sequence of double helixes
they hear the sequence
of anguish that we’re perceiving
so maybe we can believe in our angels
instead of evil

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the bar has never been lower
the stakes have never been higher

will you imagine with me a legion of cats
like princes, taking the streets
chasing out rats from our cities
we march steady
i'm feeling like ripping up boundaries
who’s ready?
i’ve invested millions of seconds
to break long standing records
my obsession? infiltrating the system
masters respect the talent
and bow in the presence
we tear up fence posts, dazing your senses

throw down your weapons now
we don’t need it glitzy and glamorous

we like it risky
we never blush, we don't cover up
and if you're pondering our meaning
stop wondering
we're here to eliminate hate, that simple
it's vitally important
that we reach some souls out yonder
that will grasp this performance and grow
decoding the messages we’re sending
are you receiving? don't stop believing
we watching, outfoxing, trending

let's come together
like we're coming apart

the manifestation of this internal drive
to reach some final destination
some call it our imagination
might be depleting us
or perhaps impeding us
rather than leading us

you might see me walking your block
clutch your purses and stay nervous
keep thinking i might just go off on purpose
this is war and we serve but i ain't no servant
our fists have enlisted
our minds got shifted and mesmerized
by so many filthy lies
like foul clouds, choking us down like Eric
rampant wanna-be slave masters
overseeing disasters
in our backyards and globally
addicted to the infliction of pain totally
these are bad dudes

out to collude and exclude
with weak women ignorantly defending them
acting so innocent
so we get militant

we’re like wolves and rabbits
consumed by the chase and escape
not recognizing bad habits
the tortuous fortresses we’ve built
soon will get torn asunder

envisioning freedom
it’s hard to comprehend what that means
and achieve
just gotta to be more than this
scenes are played out 24/7 on tiny screens
victims of scripting?
scraping the bottom of the barrel
and the air tastes metallic, it radiates
mixing with microplastics
contaminates our beings
tamping down our dynamics
making us corpse stiff
so I do verbal gymnastics
like Biles scoring a perfect ten
but no one pays attention
under this major imbalance
between those that have
and those who do not have
and so got nothing to lose

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did they tell you we’re merciful?
we forgive you...yes we do
did you tell them we'll never fail? never fail
we're too powerful, yeah

influential like the evening hours
sway the unbelieving
pushing my wares around the metro
(take this)
promenading international
(take that)
and all i’ve seen has kept me focusing on
and noticing
the little daily things we do
that keep us broken
and i ain’t joining in
i’m going off on a different angle
and you ain't probably strong enough
to tag along

fuck what you heard
I’ll say it again
fuck what we did
let’s go somewhere new

you say that I’m uninvited
from places I’ve been before
but girl I’m no longer excited
‘cause baby I’ve had the tour
love ain’t never come easy
love ain’t never been free
you’re no longer my future
‘cause we’re just history
empty my mind now
pour out my soul
piece back my heart
and regain control

fuck what you heard
fuck where we’ve been
fuck if I ever
go back again

empty my mind now
pour out my soul
piece back my heart
and regain control
take back your lie
my heart my soul
rebuke your lies
can’t take no more

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who wants to live a real life?
bring me the digital
so I can just close my eyes and not feel
the physical’s too rough to deal
so i’m a sit still...and slept

my mind my heart my soul
where did i lose control?
no skin to hide this blood
and nothing left to flow

if you hold my hand
you’re holding me back
you’re weighing me down
i'm on the attack

if you'd just let go
you'll just let me down
my guts might fall out
or untwist that knife

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my wings got dirty from the storm
can’t fly from the overload
i’m stuck in the biting cold
through some stifling heat
on these abandoned roads
and I wish
and I dream
i do a little of a lot of those things
to help me get up and bring it, daily
fighting through the many rejections
keep ‘em coming at me
I’m becoming a weapon
and the safety’s disengaged
we ain’t turning we’re burning the page
why oh why, are you not happy, guy?
take the money and run!
now don’t you feel special?
even though you settled for the status quo?
this ain’t no relationship, it was only a fling

try as I may
try as I might
this is all worth
more dead than alive

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listen as the chains they drop
listen as the wars they stop
listen to your broken voice
listen while you make the choice

listen as if you cannot see
listen while you conquer me
listen as you look inside
look at the wisdom the sound provides

stop look listen
stop look listen
stop your wishin
stop look listen

close your eyes
and let me broadcast my spin
fast, on every channel
seep into your mind
scale your walls
dismantle your defenses
watch you fall under control
out of control
so quick to share and slow to know
anything they ever wanted
they got from us
given up freely
like property
our progeny
then loyalty
so where we gotta take ‘em?
over the top
elevate ‘em there and break ‘em
you didn’t hear me
you didn’t fear me
and now i’m sitting by your front door
(real spooky)

listen before you make your mind
listen as you leave people behind
listen to the weight of the ponderous crown
listen as the walls come down

listen until it drives you insane
listen as your layin down blame
listen as you look inside
look at the wisdom the sound provides

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