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thank you

R&TV would like to give special thanks to Alan Brooks aka Soul Daddy for his FIRE vocals and lyrics!

Providence "The Verse" thanks: The Almighty Grandest Creator for the adventure, Avey (nobody knows how we do), Shane "The Technician" (how long b4 we stop? when never comes), DB & DT (DP), Momma Simbai, Dad, Coco Devon, the Brothers of Muntu, the Bonacquisti's (u don't stop wine & we don't stop rhyme), Gov Polis & administration (yea, we shook hands, back when it was safe to do), Amanda Reyes & Toni Soltero (4 thinking we might be something & joining up), Dr. Cuz Rob and all Pullen's, Bros & Sisses (some who frequent the shows): Alan, Patrick, Danny & Erika, Jonathan, Demetrius, Big James, James Reeves, Bobbi, Laurie, Elena, Deborath, Katie S, Lainie, Cassie, Kat, Jo Jo, KMort, & Kari Knowles, Aracely, Aram, & Eloise, Vasquez Family, Coach Mo, so many more I've missed, all R&TV fanz, every one of you creators out there: musicians; engineers; sound techs; cool internet geeks (possible?) and anyone who ain't in this for chasing $ but 4 creating & sharing something of value...gratitude

David thanks: Krista, first and foremost..... I would literally not know where/who/how to be were it not for your love, support and direction. You allow me to be the peacock i pretend to be..... I love you with all my heart.... thank you To RATV.... I am honored to share all this work with you gents. You bring out the best in my creatives and I appreciate the opportunity you afford me to say what I/we need to say.....Literally couldn't do it without you To the newest members of RATV, Toni and Amanda.... thank you for sharing the dream and putting your energy into this, no matter where it leads.... To Tisha Paradis.... RATV wouldn't be what it is without you and I thank you for your love and support over the years....... To Ben, Robin, Kerry, Lisa, Mom, Sister, my lovely nieces and anybody else who ever came to one of our shows or showed any support at all to us, very heartfelt Thank you for showing that RATV can 'resonate'....... Peace, love and support to all......

D-Trust thanks: all those who have and still support & inspire me in my music endeavors; My tolerant wife Talya Parker-Dash & baby boy Ari, thank you for understanding my need for creativity and I appreciate you My oldest son Demetrius Parker Jr., you inspire me to the fullest My mom and dad, Ann & Stoney Parker My in-laws Richard & Bobbi Dash My brothers Antonio & Timothy Parker My chosen family Ben Magee, Troy Foreman, Jon Piersol, Gene Armstrong, Quentin Weathers, Anthony Handy, Marieo Foster, Mia Chin Fitzgerald, Don "Romello" Wilbur, Katy Wilson, Gwen Horton, Robbie Glantz, Jennifer Glantz, Marshall Riddle, Todd Ratliff, Andrea Leathers, Eric Wilborne My music peeps John "that Cat JC" Coulter, Daren Lake, Willie Wood, Phill Carol, Wiley Jay, John Raye, Curtis Holloway, Nelson Smoov, Stacy Latisaw Jackson, Kerry Kraze Hodge, Tarek Terk Stevens, George Belton, Dwayne Aka Blue Teesford, J Trisie Tsadi-Gee, Kim & Tisha Paradis, Tony Terry, Tray "Poot" Chaney, Rick "Kaotic" Tutt, DYFOR Music Family My nieces and nephews I love you very much and remember you can do anything you want in life and if it's positive I got your back Top supporters David Allen Groves, Aliza Margolies, Michael & Alena Mecomber, Kelly Sullivan-Hansen, Jennifer Molde, Melissa Kaufman, Warren Lesnefsky, Andrea Hall, Russell Hamilton, The Ratliff Family, Brian A. Harris, Emanuel & Melanie Dash, Mary Tikoyan Gray, Gregg & Jennifer Fairweather, Joe Slaiby, Janet Hill, Michele Lynn, Rachel Foreman LaManna, Alan Hubbard, Sean Bridges, Russell Atkins. Without a doubt the Reverb & The Verse Family, their families and our fans that keep us going show after show

Shane "not Reverb" thanks: My war buddies during this process: Jahi, David, and Demetrius, and their respective wives Alvina, Krista, and Talya for lending your husbands for Tuesday Night Klub. Owen for listening to millions of versions of these songs, inspiring, killer live band photography, and all 19 streams on Spotify! Melody for inspo, Italiano band dinners, being alive and not complaining too much during the loud parts. god for allowing us to criticize the government John @rumtum for album art and his art and music. Paul and Judy @bonacquisti Winery for all of their support and wine. Jake @curta for being an amazing and inspiring artist with something to say and pushing me to be better. John @megafauna for supporting R&TV since forever. Special shoutout to all my enemies, without whom this would not be any fun!